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Manaslu Conservation Area Trek Package (20 days, 19 nights)

The Manaslu Conservation Area is named after Mt. Manaslu, which at 8, 163 meters above sea level is the eight-highest mountain in the world. ‘Manaslu’ means ‘mountain of the spirit,’ and the region in the lap of this majestic mountain is a citadel where the spirit of Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism flourishes unabated. In fact, it is only the verdant hills and the rumbling Budi Gandaki River that distinguish the upper reaches of Manaslu from Tibet.

Manaslu is also regarded a beyul, a sacred place mentioned in Tibetan Buddhist texts. It certainly has two of the important characteristics of a beyul described by the religious texts:  spectacular geographical features and a community that has reached an apotheosis of spiritual life. The roaring Budi Gandaki, massive peaks and glistening glaciers, turquoise lakes, and milky waterfalls make Manaslu an enchanting place. Like a community of inventors dedicated to creating innovative models of prayer wheels, the people utilize anything from streams, wind, heat from their kitchen hearth and empty tin cans to fashion prayer wheels. Killing wildlife is prohibited, with the result that barking deer, Himalayan Tahr, musk deer and Himalayan Goral wander close to villages.


    Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

    Assistance at the airport upon arrival and transfer to hotel.

    Dinner at hotel

    Day 02 Half-day tour of Kathmandu City

    Breakfast at hotel, followed by half-day sight-seeing of Kathmandu City.  
    Kathmandu City
    The name ‘Kathmandu’ comes from the Kasthamandap Temple—a fitting source for a city that has an estimated 3,000 temples. But how can a visitor possibly enjoy this abundance of religious buildings? The answer is the Basantpur Durbar Square. In this one square are the wonders, eccentricities, and diversity of Nepali temples. You are moving along centuries-old temples when you look up and see the biggest reason for blushes, grins and giggles in the square—the erotic carvings.

    Overnight at hotel

    Day 03 Drive to Arughat

    Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Arughat.

    The second half of the drive to Arughat is a bumpy ride. But if you can get a nice hold, the scenery outside is idyllic. The road passes through the Nepali countryside of terraced fields and adobe houses. From Dhading Besi to Arughat, quaint villages appear frequently, providing a nice opportunity to get a taste of local produce and delicacies.

    Overnight in Arughat

    Day 04 Trek from Arughat to Soti Khola

    Trek to Soti Khola. Duration: 5 hours

    Leaving Arughat and crossing the Budi Gandaki is to enter the latter’s territory. From here onwards, the trail hugs the raging river. The sound of the river remains in your ear even if it disappears from sight occasionally. The wooden houses of the Gurung and Magar villages dot the trail.  
    Overnight in Soti Khola

    Day 05 Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola

    Trek to Maccha Khola. Duration: 5-6 hours

    The trail climbs into the dense forests and the scenery on this stretch of the trek. Snacks can be had at villages situated in the middle of these forests, like wild flower blooms. The tunnel like section of the trail ends at Lapubesi, beyond which the trail descends on to the gravelly bed of the Budi Gandaki.

    Overnight in Maccha Khola

    Day 06 Trek from Maccha Khola to Jagat

    Trek to Jagat. Duration: 6-7 hours

    A wonderful treat for the body awaits you at the natural hot springs in Tatopani, where you can immerse in this natural Jacuzzi as your coffee is prepared. At Yaru Bagar you walk on the same level as the Budi Gandaki. Mountains tower on both sides of the meandering river. Himalayan tahr may appear on these sheer cliffs.

    Overnight in Jagat

    Day 07 Trek from Jagat to Deng

    Trek to Deng. Duration: 8 hours   

    Crossing the suspension bridge over the Ghatte Khola, the picturesque village of Philim comes into view. From Deng onwards, the Manaslu Conservation Area resembles Tibet more than Nepal. It is the doorway to the Nubri Valley, which is sprawled over four village development committees of Gorkha—Sirdibas, Prok, Lho, and Samagaon. Several mountains and their scintillating glaciers are visible from Deng.

    Overnight in Deng

    Day 08 Trek from Deng to Ghap

    Trek to Ghap. Duration: 4 hours

    Sprouting like the crops that color its fields, Prok is a welcome respite from the walk. Like rural hording boards, the long stone mani walls, which you must always keep on your right side, divide the trail into two halves. Little wooden towers raise their heads amidst the crops, providing a lookout point for bears that come to feast on Prok’s crops.

    Overnight in Ghap

    Day 09 Trek from Ghap to Lho

    Trek to Lho. Duration: 5 hours

    After you’ve been on the trail for a little over two hours, you arrive at an old wooden bridge. Under this bridge, the Budi Gandaki gushes through a hole in a boulder—a wonderful as well as dizzying sight. The next big village is Namrung, which means ‘the place where it rains a lot.’ It used to be the judicial center of the region; stones set in a semi-circle are what remain of the seats in the venue where a council of elders once met. The first glimpse of Mt. Manaslu is available from the village of Sho.

    Overnight in Lho

    Day 10 Trek from Lho to Samagaon

    Trek to Samagaon. Duration: 5 hours

    There is a unique feature on a river after Shyala. A wooden door is rigged on to a wooden bridge over a swift-flowing river. The door is locked whenever a dispute arises between the people of Shyala and Samagaon, barring human movement between the two villages. But you would brave the icy waters for the views that await you in Samagaon.

    Overnight in Samagaon

    Day 11 Stay the day at Samagaon

    Visit the Samagaon monastery and Birendra Tal. Duration: 3 hours

    East of Samagaon, perched on a bluff is the village monastery. Be careful not to enter through the back entrance, as there are fierce Tibetan mastiffs here. An hour’s walk from the village is the turquoise waters of the Birendra Tal. Chunks of ice that have broken off the glacier float on its surface like icy boats.

    Overnight in Samagaon

    Day 12 Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

    Trek to Samdo. Duration: 4 hours

    The loveliest pairs of eyes and a multi-tiered tower greet you at the entrance to Samdo village. The is a unique type of stupa, known as kang ni, which means ‘two-footed,’—an allusion to the two walls that appear like legs owing to the passageway between them. Toward the eastern end of the village are a bunch of old-styled houses. Their doors are very low, an architectural design made to prevent the skeletons that are said to roam the village at night from entering the house.

    Overnight in Samdo

    Day 13 Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala

    Trek to Dharamsala. Duration: 5 hours

    The epic sight of the frozen wonder of Larke Glacier greets your eye as you toil upwards on this day’s trek. Dharamsala means a place of shelter, especially made for pilgrims. The day’s destination is called Dharamsala because of the crude stone shelter. It offers shelter and an opportunity to acclimatize to the altitude. But you are likely to brave the outdoors for the views of snowy peaks. Somewhere between those peaks is the Larke Pass, a sought-after site for pilgrims of adventure.

    Overnight in Dharamsala

    Day 14 Trek to Bimthang crossing Larkya La Pass

    Trek to Bimthang. Duration: 9 hours

    Loss of breath may be frequent on this stretch of the trek. Firstly because you will crossing Larke Pass (5,106 meters), and secondly owing to the spectacular views from the pass of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kangguru and Annapurna II.

    Overnight in Bimthang

    Day 15 Trek from Bimthang to Gho

    Trek to Gho. Duration: 5 hours

    The dominance of rocks and the white of snow lessen on this day. The trail passes through alpine pastures before descending into the Burdin Khola valley. There are farewell views of Manaslu and Annapurna II. Crossing the Dudh Khola, you enter a rhododendron forest, and walk through a narrow valley to arrive at the high fields of Karche.

    Overnight in Gho

    Day 16 Trek from Gho to Dharapani

    Trek to Dharapani. Duration: 4 hours

    Forests become a regular feature and quaint villages appear again, resembling the beginnings of this circuitous trek. Passing the huddled houses of Tilje, you arrive at the waters of Dudh Khola. Walking along this river you arrive at Thonje, which you enter by passing below a chorten-shaped archway.

    Overnight in Dharapani

    Day 17 Trek from Dharapani to Syange

    Trek to Syange. Duration: 7 hours

    The trail merges with the famed Annapurna Circuit Trek after Dharapani. The Marsyandi River becomes the latest in the list of rivers crossed. The day’s highlight is Tal, a village with a big waterfall as its backdrop. The remainder of the day’s trek is through rhododendron and pine forests, ending in Syange.

    Overnight in Syange

    Day 18 Trek from Syange to Besi Sahar

    Trek to Besi Sahar. Duration: 7 hours

    The richness of the Marsyangdi valley and the diligence and creativity of the local farmers is on display during the day’s trek. Villages located in gravity-defying hillsides and terraced fields crafted into the valley appear along the trail. Bhulbhule and Khudi are two such villages. Arrival at Besi Sahar marks the end of the trek.

    Overnight in Besi Sahar

    Day 19 Drive from Besi Sahar to Kathmandu

    Drive to Kathmandu. Duration: 8 hours

    The drive from Besi Sahar to Kathmandu, although not deserving of comparison with the trek just completed, is not dreary. The Marsyangdi and Trishuli Rivers provide interesting sights along the way. In Kathmandu, you are treated to a Nepali cultural show and dinner at the hotel.
    Overnight in Kathmandu

    Day 20 Depart from Kathmandu

    Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to international airport.

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    The best time to visit?

    From March to May and again in late September to October.


    The trek passes through some very high places and there will also be nights spent in tents, so clothes for extremely cold weather need to be packed.  

    How strenuous is the trek?

    There are some 8 or 9-hour days in the trek, but they are usually over easy terrain. The trek can get tough in the upper reaches of Manaslu, where trails are steep. Otherwise, the trek is not extraordinarily exacting. On the other hand, it is no stroll in the park, and requires trekkers to be able to walk on for several hours at a stretch.

    Is altitude sickness a threat on this trek?

    Like all treks to high-altitude places, Manaslu does carry the threat of altitude sickness. The itinerary of the trek, however, minimizes its risks. If you do experience dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, you should convey it to the guide immediately. You only make altitude sickness worse if you ignore it.  

    Necessary Items

    Sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses. Bring binoculars if you a closer view of eagles and vultures. Gloves are a must if you are keen on snapping photos in the freezing mornings. Walking poles are recommended; they reduce the strain on your legs going uphill and down.

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    Package Includes

    • Transport, pick-up, and drop
    • Sight-seeing in Kathmandu
    • Hotel accommodation (Hotel with B&B Basis)
    • Entrance and trekking permit fees for: Kathmandu Durbar Square and Manaslu Conservation Area

    Package Excludes

    • Airport tax for international flight during departure
    • Visa fee at the International Airport
    • Laundry
    • Personal expenses
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