Tour to Nepal

A landlocked country between two giants India and China, Nepal has developed its own unique culture and traditions, different from those of its neighbors. Blessed with pristine natural beauty like the snow capped Himalayas and diverse flora and fauna, makes your tour in Nepal a truly memorable experience. Religious and cultural uniqueness among the different ethnic groups adds to Nepal’s beauty. Going for a tour around the heritage sites and villages, you get to see and understand the significance of religion and cultural identity to Nepal. The conservation of wildlife and flora in national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal makes your tour even better as you get many opportunities to see various endangered species like the Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, etc. Renowned for having the tallest mountains in the world like Mt Everest, Mt  Kanchenjunga, Mt Makalu and Mt Annapurna, Nepal is the perfect place for a splendid trek or hike. The dramatic landscapes allow for picture perfect moments and ever-lasting memories owing to the amiability of the locals. With such diverse and varieties of places to see and activities to do, Buddha Holidays offers you the best tour packages carefully planned and catered so you experience Nepal at its finest.