Jungle Walks

  1. Bardia
    Jungle walks are walks of adventure. You never know which of Bardia’s 37 mammals might pop up. There is a great tension on jungle walks: you want to see animals, to get close, but not too close. That is the thrill of jungle walks, wishing to get the best of the wild world while aware all the time of the fact that the jungle doesn’t play by your rules.It is this tension and suspense and fear (no denying it) that makes every snapping twig, every glimpse of a body gliding into the bush, and the view blurred by the mist rising from the river chilling and thrilling at the same time. Waiting at the usual stakeouts on the river banks is a great way to try your luck and patience. Your ears are cocked as you hear a low growl that seems to coming from very near you. Then you realize it is coming from you, a voice of dissent by yours hungrily, your deprived stomach.
  1. Chitwan
    Perhaps the mouth is the only part of the body that gets a rest during jungle walks. Fingers point frantically, eyes widen, necks turn and crane, and, occasionally, much to the chagrin of the guide, a loud phrase of joy escapes your lips. The presence of over 50 mammal species in the park make jungle walks an exciting as well as potentially dangerous activity—the combination that all adventures are made of.