Jeep Safari

  • Bardia
    One of the smoothest roads in Nepal is the fire lines that also double as the roads in the Terai national parks. Cruising along on this road in a hoodless 4WD, ancient Sal trees flanking it like the pillars of a cloistered driveway, is luxury in a place it is least expected. You need to maintain a good hold on something for sudden, though not screeching, stops are to be expected. A jackal may be feeding on leftovers, or a Barasingha (swamp deer) stag may be standing beside the road, neck turned back, its magnificent 12-branched antlers like a crown on its head. Better still, a Royal Bengal Tiger saunters across the road, lazily looking at you once before the black stripes and yellow of its body disappears into the Sal sanctuary.
  • Chitwan
    Too large an area to cover, too little time to do it in. Jeep safaris are the quickest way to see the jungle, although they are also the noisiest. Going on a jeep safari allows you to visit the deeper areas of the park, where, owing to the seclusion, the chances of seeing the larger animals increase.