Bird Watching

  • Bardia
    Bird species that have struggled elsewhere flourish in Bardia’s pristine jungles. A total of 426 species of birds have been recorded in the Bardia National Park, a list that includes 11 species whose existence is globally-threatened. Bardia is one of the last staging grounds for several species: over half of Nepal’s near-threatened birds are found here. One such bird is the rare and elusive Bengal Florican, a grassland-dwelling species. Sarus cranes, the world’s tallest birds that can fly, also visit Bardia. You couldn’t be faulted for thinking you had entered the Jurassic Era when you hear the whirring of huge wings and see the Great hornbill perched on a tree, its casqued beak giving it the appearance of a relic from the dinosaur age.
  • Chitwan
    In Chitwan, a bird watching tour guide moves his hands as if he were shooting at a circle of enemies. Eyes and hands need to move fast in a place that has 450 species of birds. Aerial duels between birds of prey, serpent eagles with a snake in its talons, Ruddy Shelducks gliding on the water surface like two ice skaters in love, kingfishers plunging into the water and emerging with a glistening fish in its beak. Even after such sights guides are often apologetic, saying that you ought to have seen more!